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Led by 3 leading academicians, with 3000 industry experts gathered,GeneIII made its appearance at the 2nd Synthetic Biology Conference&Exhibition 2024!

Recently, the 2nd Synthetic Biology Industry Conference&Exhibition 2024 (SBC2024), organized by the Office of Development and Management of the Life Health Industry in Jiangbei New District of Nanjing, and endorsed by the Chinese Society for Microbiology, was successfully concluded at the Yangtze River International Conference Center in Nanjing. With the theme “Building for Knowledge, Building


Witness the shining moment! GeneIII’s “Makeup and Food Share the Same Origin” Ergothioneine stunningly appeared at PCHI and FIC, the two major ingredient exhibitions!

Recently, the highly anticipated 2024 Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients Exhibition (PCHi2024) and the 27th Food Ingredients China (FIC) concluded successfully in Shanghai. GeneIII®, as a leading international manufacturer of Ergothioneine raw materials and a pioneer in the field of synthetic biology in raw material preparation, showcased its mitochondrial-grade antioxidant and “cosmetics and food from


GeneIII Bio-Tech: Leading the Innovation Track of Synthetic Biology, Forging the “Hardcore Responsibility” of Local Enterprises

Recently, the international ergothioneine raw material supplier—GeneIII, was selected for the China Brand Innovation Development Project and was successfully chosen as the synthetic biology industry partner for CCTV’s “Quality China” program. In just two years, GeneIII achieved the cGMP pharmaceutical-grade mass production of high-purity ergothioneine, a potent antioxidant raw material that was once as valuable


GeneIII was awarded the “2023 Social Responsibility Contribution Award”: Bringing Affordable Ergothioneine to the Masses!

Recently, the “2024 Jiangsu Province New Year Health Poetry and Music Festival” themed “Life is like a song, walking towards the light”, guided by the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Cyberspace Administration, Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission, hosted by Xinhua News Agency Media Group and Jiangsu Hospital Association, and organized by Xinhua Daily Press Health Media


GeneIII’s ergothioneine won the “2023 China Innovative Ingredient” award.

On February 8th, the 2023 Cosmetics Developers Conference and the inaugural Beauty Product Manager Festival, which gathered over 200 beauty brand founders, 2000+ chief scientists, product managers, formulation experts, and R&D engineers, was successfully held in Hangzhou. At this grand event, GeneIII stood out among over 200 competing ingredients and won the “Outstanding China Ingredient”


Founder Wei Ding of GeneIII was awarded the Best CEO of the Year: Making “expensive” ergothioneine accessible to the public.

In recent years, the development momentum of ergothioneine is thriving. According to publicly available data, the global market size of ergothioneine is expected to reach $389 million by 2030, with a CAGR of 38%. Based on the powerful antioxidant properties of ergothioneine at the mitochondrial level and confirmed safety assessment by the European Commission, which

Breaking News

Breaking News! GeneIII Participates in the Establishment of China’s First Collective Standard for Ergothioneine!

“On September 12, 2023, China’s first collective standard for ‘Ergothioneine as Cosmetic Ingredient’ officially came into effect, filling a gap in the use of ergothioneine in the cosmetics industry. GeneIII, as one of the drafting units of this collective standard, was deeply involved in the formulation of the ergothioneine standard, playing a significant role in

Pioneering Engineering

Pioneering Engineering-Scale Production! GeneIII Leads the Ergothioneine Transformation | Salon Recap

Recently, the “Promotion and Application of Ergothioneine in the Beauty Industry” salon, hosted by GeneIII, concluded successfully in Nanjing. This salon brought together many industry experts, including brand founders, senior engineers, and well-known skincare bloggers, to focus on the potential applications of ergothioneine. During the event, Jiangsu GeneIII Co., Ltd. (referred to as “GeneIII”) revealed that, through the

Wei Ding

Household Appliance “Tycoon” Ventures into Entrepreneurship, GeneIII Achieves Industrial-Scale Production of Ergothioneine in Just Two Years

Wei Ding, the founder and chairman of GeneIII, holds a master’s degree in materials engineering from Beijing University of Science and Technology and a dual master’s degree in materials engineering from the University of Nevada, USA. Prior to founding GeneIII, he served as Senior Vice President and China President of A.O. Smith Corporation and CEO

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