The Future of Skincare: Geneiii’s Revolutionary Ergothioneine


Ergothioneine is a high-value and high-profit skincare ingredient, known as a natural and precious antioxidant. It has strong reparative effects on skin cells and can stimulate the skin’s antioxidant defense system, inhibiting pigment formation and deposition. It plays a role in anti-aging by brightening the skin tone, improving dullness, and reducing fine lines, making it an internationally recognized cosmetic additive.

Defense Against Photoaging

Ergothioneine protects human skin fibroblasts from UV damage. Studies have shown that ergothioneine not only increases the survival capacity of human skin fibroblasts but also protects these cells by reducing MMP-1 degradation and enhancing the production of type I collagen.

Defense against photoaging

Whitening and Brightening

The human epidermis contains various amino acids, among which tyrosine can be converted into melanin under the action of tyrosinase, causing skin darkening and even the formation of age spots, freckles, etc. Data from third-party independent professional laboratories indicate that 0.1% (1000PPM) ergothioneine can achieve a tyrosinase inhibition rate of 87.62%, thereby providing whitening, brightening, and lightening effects.


There’s one effect of ergothioneine which has been uncovered recently by the research: anti-glycation. Research indicates that the ergothioneine can decrease the content of AGE(advanced glycation endproducts), which is typically formed by carbonhydrates within our bodies. The glycation process contributes to skin aging by damaging the collagen through binding, causing wrinkles to appear. By decreasing AGE in our bodies, ergothionene can greatly protect the collagen within skin and reduce the number of wrinkles, therefore stop skin aging process. 


Research shows that ergothioneine can inhibit the production of inflammatory factors in UV-induced keratinocytes, demonstrating powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


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