Unleash Vitality: Geneiii’s Ergothioneine in Dietary Supplements

Ergothioneine, as an oral product, has the effects of protecting brain health, improving cognition, effectively promoting human metabolism and immune function, and achieving anti-aging, improving sleep, and enhancing beauty. In 2017, the European Union authorized ergothioneine as a new food ingredient. In August 2019, ergothioneine passed the GRAS certification of the U.S. FDA and can be used in ordinary food products.

Delaying Aging

 Ergothioneine regulates peroxisomal fatty acid oxidation to maintain normal mitochondrial function, thereby extending lifespan. Dr. Bruce Ames, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, described ergothioneine as a “genuine longevity nutrient” in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In 2023, Professor Pinghua Liu from Boston University shared a recent research result: ergothioneine can extend the lifespan of mice by 40%.

EGT Lifespan increase in mice

Improving Sleep

Ergothioneine can prevent sleep abnormalities caused by depression and anxiety by regulating the nervous system, thus improving sleep quality. Experiments conducted at the School of Pharmacy, Kanazawa University, Japan, on 92 volunteers with high anxiety and sleep problems showed that taking 20mg of EGT daily for four weeks improved human sleep difficulties through various biological mechanisms. Research at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science suggests that ergothioneine prevents stress-induced sleep disturbances, especially those related to depression.

Boosting Immunity

Studies have shown that the antioxidant ergothioneine can directly regulate immune function in macrophages, serving as an immune modulator.

Nourishing and Beautifying

Research indicates that oral supplementation of ergothioneine for 28 consecutive days can improve skin hydration, epidermal water loss, skin elasticity, wrinkle area, and antioxidant status without any adverse reactions.

skin nourishing

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